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Feldon Design is recognized for creating livable spaces that are an extension of the home owner’s personality, values and individual lifestyle. We take the time to listen for subtleties that help guide us in designing a home around a life. Most importantly, we put your best interests first in all that we do. From the initial planning stage to project completion, we walk with you through the process every step of the way.


Our offices are located in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA with frequent travel between both. We'd like to think full immersion in both beautiful cities contributes to the range of design and versatility that sets our work apart. It's better than thinking about plane food.


Clients in both regions appreciate that our commitment to exceptional communication and diligent attention to detail remains consistent across state lines.

Our Team


Andrew Feldon



James Clark



Elizabeth Ergood


Our Clients

Say It


Below are client testimonials gathered during an anonymous brand discovery survey performed by an outside consultant.

“Architects in general are perceived as expensive and difficult to work with. Andrew is the absolute opposite. He asked questions, he listened, took notes and pictures.

“His range of projects, the great detail, the blend of modern and traditional work on his website set him apart as well as the personal attention. I liked how he was small. The other companies we looked at were bigger but you wouldn’t be working with the principal architect."

"Andrew was the right guy for the job. He had sharp ideas and was tenacious in his efforts with city planning. San Francisco City Planning is notorious for being a nightmare. Andrew pulled it off. He cares about what he’s doing and has the patience to deal with this kind of challenging work."

“A big standout is that Andrew doesn’t have a giant ego. He had some great ideas and he stood by them–but he also listened to the client.

“He did everything that we asked for and more. He was fantastic dealing with the city was always the first to offer to handle things with them. He’s very good at what he does and a lovely human being.

“He’s patient, a good listener, and he was very good at orchestrating things with the contractor and getting things done.”

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