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Andrew Feldon is a firm believer that all projects benefit from a healthy dose of collaboration with clients - and he has plenty of humorous tales to tell about what that process can entail. When a San Francisco manufacturing plant, built circa 1910, was converted into industrial live-work lofts, he was asked to help a homeowner customize his unit to create a warmer feel and a greater sense of space. The first collaborative discussion began almost immediately. "There's a doorway that enters the space from the interior lobby of the lofts, and it kind of bothered me", Feldon recalls. "It looked cold and sucked the life out of the space. I'd proposed putting in a wall to cordon it off and define the spaces better". The owner wasn't so sure, and he and Feldon went back and forth about it before he finally agreed, installed the separation, lived with it for two weeks - and then ripped it out. 

"When you open yourself up to teamwork," feldon says, "you have to be ready to accept the fact that someone else's ideas might trump your own. It's all part of the deal".


Loft Conversion


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