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Little Footprint

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"We had a really small lot to build on. We wanted to keep at as inexpensive as possible while still being modern and a great quality house. Andrew was excited about those challenges and seemed really capable of giving us what we wanted.

"Andrew was very realistic with us. We didn’t want this house to make us house poor. He was conscious of that the whole time. We really felt like we could trust him with the designs he made. I’ve known other architects that would try and talk you into a design because they were really excited about it. We didn’t feel that way at all.

"He did a really good job holding our hands through the process. Building a house was brand new for us. We had never done anything like it. We really wanted to learn as much as we could. Andrew made a point of coming with us to appointments so he could be there and observe and explain each and every thing throughout the process. It made us really trust him. He always had our best interests at heart." – Chelsea



The Modern Little Footprint


Portland OR
Central East Side


Completed 2017

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